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Custom Shutters for Your Denver Home.

wood shutters denverShutters have been around a long time as a window treatment option and the innovations that have been implemented allow you peace of mind that this investment will increase the value of your home and adjust to many design styles. I surprise my clients all the time with high-quality shutters for a very reasonable cost. The perception that this window covering is expensive is simply not true in the Denver market, as it is high demand, therefore, lower costs will prevail.

Here are some features of the most popular shutter we sell, the Norman Woodlore Plus shutter:  Built around the concept of modern convenience, combines wood composite frames with durable ABS louvers. Wood composite materials used are harvested from well-managed forests and finished with a polypropylene coating that prevents moisture absorption and allows for easy stain removal. ABS co-polymer louvers are dimensionally stable, which resist cupping, warping and twisting. There is a 36” wide single panel for enhanced view and reinforced engineered stiles – Stile core durability reinforced with multiple layers of wood bonded together. The result is a robust support system for shutter panels. There is an UV inhibitor which protects shutters and home décor from UV rays, prevents color fading and sun damage. Multiple style options are available in various sizes to accommodate different window configurations. Astragal or Rabbet stiles provide a natural light block between panels. A wide range of frames with inserts, which keep installation screws out of sight for a clean and decorative look, match any style and preference. You can personalize shutters with special options. Choose from fixed louvers, hidden or offset tilt rods, café styles, bay and corner window shutters, track systems and many more. Shutters are available in a wide array of solid colors that can satisfy your design needs. Specialty shapes, track systems and French door cutouts are available.

Of course, there are custom wood stain shutter options available and completely Made In America products also (they cost more but some consumers want USA only). Here is an interesting fact: Even if your shutters are manufactured in China, the actual dollar amount is $.72 per dollar that stays in the USA. The shutter companies I represent all control the growth of their trees responsibility. For example, trees are regrown in less than 10 years using Phoenix white teak with one brand.

Shutters are timeless, and durable and look great. Please give them a look today in your home with A Better View Décor representative!

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